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There are lots of fields on the form.  The first set of fields are required so please fill them in.  The flow meter details are optional but are helpful to both us and you to have a record of the installation.  Press the <tab> key to move to the next field, or <Shift - tab> to go back to the previous field.  The <enter> key is attached to the Register button so don't press <enter> until have finished filling out the form.  However, you can press <enter>  when entering Consent Numbers.

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Contact Name Your name as the contact person.
Consent Numbers Enter all of the Consent Numbers for which you will be entering data.
Consent Numbers all start a "U" e.g. U12345, and can be found on the top of the Consent Decisiont document.Separate multiple Consent Numbers with spaces or by putting each Consent Number on a new line by hitting the <enter> key on your keyboard. Do not include the "U" when entering a number.
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Don't know your Consent Numbers?

The Consent Numbers are located on your consent confirmation documents. Numbers all start with a "U".

If you're still unsure about your numbers, call our Customer Service line at (03) 520 7400.

Separate multiple Consent Numbers with spaces, or by putting each number on a new line by hitting enter. Don't type the letter "U", just type number by itself.